Current research publications – Miccoli M. M.


  1. Catino F., Mazzotta M., Miccoli M.M.,Set-theoretical solutions of the pentagon equation on groups, submitted. [ArXiv]

Refereed Articles

  1. Castelli M., Catino F., Miccoli M.M., Pinto G., Dynamical extensions of quasi-linear left cycle sets and the Yang-Baxter equation, J. Algebra Appl. (in press) [Article]
  2. Miccoli, M.M.,  Almost semi-braces and the Yang-Baxter equation, Note Mat.  38 no.1  (2018), 83 – 88. [Article]
  3. Catino F., Miccoli M.M., Construction of quasi-linear left cycle sets, J. Algebra Appl. 14 no.1 (2015), 155001.1 – 7. [Article]
  4. Catino F., de Giovanni F., Miccoli M.M., On fixed points of central automorphisms of finite-by-nilpotent groups, J. Algebra, 409(2014), 1-10. [Article]
  5. Miccoli, M.M.,  On left univocal factorizations of semigroups, Note Mat.34no.2 (2014), 157 – 162. [Article]