The Retraction Problem for quasi-linear left cycle sets

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March 6, 2019
11.00 – 13.00 – Aula Seminari
Marco Castelli

In this talk we will discuss on a particular class of left cycle sets called quasi-linear. We will see briefly the basic theory and we will discuss on a problem posed by Rump in [2] and the related partial results obtained in [1].

[1] M. Castelli, F. Catino, M.M. Miccoli and G. Pinto, Dynamical extensions of quasi-linear left cycle sets and the Yang-Baxter equation, Journal Algebra Appl. (to appear).
[2] W. Rump, Quasi-Linear Cycle Sets and the Retraction Problem for Set-Theoretic Solutions of the Quantum Yang-Baxter Equation, Algebra Colloq. 23 (1) (2016) 149-166.